The non-routine activities you undertake, generally aimed at development and change in your business, take time, attention and resources away from the ongoing business. At the same time, they are a vital investment in future growth.

We ensure that you can extract maximum benefit from projects, while minimizing the impact on your current business. We take on the detailed management of the projects including:

  • Management of the project life cycle from definition and planning to execution and delivery, including ongoing monitoring and evaluation, and final closure and audit;
  • Management of the scope, schedule and cost of the project;
  • Administration of the project including reporting and financial management;
  • Project support services and interim management.


“Strategy is the direction and scope of an organisation over the long-term: which achieves advantage for the organisation through its configuration of resources within a challenging environment, to meet the needs of markets and to fulfil stakeholder expectations”

– G Johnson & K Scholes, Exploring Corporate Strategy

What should your business be doing? What markets offer the best opportunities, now and in the future? What resources do you have with which to pursue these opportunities? What resources do you need? How can you get them and utilise them optimally?

Your business strategy must be specific to you and your organisation, at this time and for the position you find yourself in. This will give you a strategic advantage and enable you to drive your business and benefit from it!

We provide specialised support to enable you to develop the unique business strategy which is right for you and your business. Our process typically includes:

  • Conduct a situation analysis – where is your business now, your competitors, market conditions and drivers;
  • Define time-linked objectives – long-term vision for the future, role in society (what you do), goals for the business (financial and strategic), values and tactics;
  • Develop the concept plan to implement the strategy and achieve the objectives;
  • Evaluate the plan for suitability to your business, feasibility of implementation by your business, and whether it is acceptable for your business.



Real, long-term development of your business requires finding opportunities for growth and developing them into products which provide value to your customers. These opportunities could derive from your own existing capabilities, new ways of using your capabilities, or from strategic partnerships with other businesses and individuals. They could also lie with existing customers, or new customers and market segments.

We can help you map out the opportunity space for your business, and identify real opportunities for development of your business through internal growth and strategic partnerships.


How do you manage your business to enable future development and growth? The internal systems, processes and methods can prevent your business from taking advantage of growth opportunities, or can position you to take those opportunities when they present.

We can apply expert skills to facilitate positive changes in your business systems and methods – positive changes which suit your business’ style, and which will allow it to improve its performance.

We focus on achievable outcomes which are consistent with the current needs of your business, and position it for future development. We work holistically on strategy, structure, management, and operations, applying current thinking on long-term best practice while avoiding “bleeding edge” management fashions.